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Spherically curved toughened glass without tong marks

Product engineering refers to the process of design, selection of materials and industrial development from prototype to manufacturing, to obtain a product suitable for marketing. It is usually seeked a product to be attractive and competitive in the segment of the target market. By this way, this will increase the chances of success of the business for the manufacturer of that product.

Glass, as part of a project, must meet the design and technical specifications required and usually seeks a continuity within the set of shapes matching the surface geometry of the project. This need can be a test the technical capabilities of the manufacturers of safety toughened glass, who do not always give a satisfactory answer to the needs of the project, especially when talking about spherical curved tempered glass.

VIDURGLASS found and implemented the final solution to the most complex glazing needs by providing the most advanced bending & tempering glass technology to obtain the most complex curves and with best quality.

Spherical curved toughened glass without tong marks

Traditional methods of bending & tempering in vertical furnaces do have a problem with regards to bending precision tolerances, as well as a problem of leaving tong marks on one edge of the piece (tongs are used for vertical glass hanging).

Spherical curved toughened rear glass for bus

Thanks to new technology of VIDURGLASS the bending & tempering process is performed in a horizontal roller furnace that let us manufacturer curved tempered glass with spherical or toroidal surfaces WITHOUT tong marks. This new system allows producing tempered glass with curvatures of many types such as: spherical curvatures in the X, Y, Z, and compound radii with progressive J curvatures, cylindrical radii below R1000mm, domes, etc..

Spherical curved toughened rear glass for bus

The precise manufacturing of VIDURGLASS with this new bending & tempering furnace lets us offer tight tolerances within + /-3mm thanks to bending process FREE OF TONG MARKS. It is obtained thus a piece finish of high precision and excellent appearance.

Partition toughened glass with “J” curvature

Depending on the type and depth of the curvature of the glass, the bending process is carried out with the most appropriate bending tool according to technical analysis made by VIDURGLASS individually for each project. The verification of the adjustment of the curvature of the glass is checked on a model or checking fixture corresponding to the piece. All with the quality and safety warranted by the brand VIDUR, and achieving the most precise curvature adjustment.

Spherical curved dome in toughened laminated glass

There are many applications that can be benefitted from this type of curved glass such as: vehicle backlights, partition curved glass, glass for product display, curved glazing for the building of architectural projects, etc..

Vidurglass, as Europe's leading company in glazing solutions, can add value to your projects with high-tech glasses. For more information contact us at www.vidurglass.es or by e-mail: vidurglass@vidurglass.es

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