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Busworld: A Century of Innovation in the Bus Industry

After several editions postponed due to COVID-19, Busworld, the most important trade fair in the bus industry in Europe, will take place in Brussels from October 7 to 12, 2023.

The commercial team of Vidurglass ( will be available at their booth (654) located in Pavilion 6, where they will showcase their complete range of glazing products for buses.

Busworld's history spans more than a century of innovation in the bus industry and has become a reference point for public transportation professionals worldwide.

Origins and Foundation

The history of Busworld dates back to 1971 when the first edition of the fair was held in the Belgian city of Kortrijk. However, its origins trace back to 1921 when the family-owned company Buses & Cars was founded in Belgium. This precursor company of Busworld laid the foundation for the industry-leading fair, thanks to its commitment to innovation and excellence in bus design.

Growth and Expansion

Throughout the decades, Busworld has experienced constant growth. The fair has not only attracted bus manufacturers from across Europe but has also become a global showcase for the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Busworld's international expansion began in 2001 with its first edition outside of Europe, in Asia. Since then, it has continued to expand worldwide, with editions in diverse locations such as Turkey, India, or Russia.

Highlighted Innovations

One of the most notable aspects of Busworld throughout its history has been its role as a platform for introducing innovations in the bus industry. From the implementation of electric and autonomous buses to advancements in fuel efficiency and sustainable design, Busworld has been the stage for numerous innovations that have transformed public transportation worldwide.

The Role of Component Suppliers

In the bus industry ecosystem, component suppliers play a fundamental role by providing a wide range of essential parts and technologies that enable the manufacturing of advanced and efficient buses. Throughout Busworld's history, these suppliers have been key allies in promoting innovation and progress in the industry. For example, Vidurglass, with its spherical glass and lightweight glass products, stands out in this regard.

Bus component suppliers have used the Busworld platform to showcase their market-leading products and technologies, including more efficient engines, cutting-edge electric propulsion systems, advanced fleet management systems, infotainment and safety systems, lightweight glazing systems, and more. Their presence at the fair has stimulated competition and quality in the industry, as well as effective collaboration between bus manufacturers and suppliers.

Furthermore, Busworld has provided a conducive environment for component suppliers and bus manufacturers to establish strong business relationships and develop customized solutions. This collaboration has resulted in significant advancements in areas such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction, weight reduction, and passenger safety.

As the bus industry moves into a future marked by electric and autonomous mobility, component suppliers will continue to play a crucial role in realizing this vision. Busworld will remain an important stage where these suppliers can showcase their innovations and contribute to the development of sustainable and advanced mobility solutions that will benefit cities and communities worldwide.

Busworld and the Future of Mobility

In a constantly evolving world of mobility, Busworld is in a privileged position to lead the industry toward a more sustainable and efficient future. As it approaches its centenary, the fair not only reflects the history of the bus industry but also anticipates its future.

The future of mobility is electric, autonomous, and connected, and Busworld will be the venue where the latest trends and developments in these areas are showcased. Component suppliers, along with bus manufacturers, will play a crucial role in creating cleaner, safer, and more efficient public transportation solutions.

In conclusion, Busworld has been a beacon of innovation in the bus industry for over a century, and its legacy and relevance will endure in the years to come. Both manufacturers and component suppliers will continue to collaborate at this fair to drive public transportation toward a more sustainable and advanced future.

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