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Vidurglass photoluminescent silkscreen printing

Vidurglass, as an international reference in innovation, is still developing new glass elements, in this case including photoluminescent silk screens printing on glass in his possible finished solutions catalog.

The photoluminescent concept is based on the absorbed light by the silk-screen printing during a certain time and, once is emitted, it does with a less wavelength than the incident light. It means that it’s not about a diffraction or reflexion optical phenomenon. Finally, this silkscreen printing is visible without any kind of stimulation under no light conditions.

As a differential aspect comparing with other existent solutions in the market, the Vidurglass photoluminescent silk-screen printing is glazed in the glass through a toughened process so that the silk-screen printing is unalterable by the passage of time, providing also an exceptional resistance and a total durability against the cracked, spalling or corrosion of the no glazed finished.

This treatment allows the color never loses its intensity and therefore the weather conditions don’t affect to the pigmentation properties.

To improve the visual appearance under high light conditions (lack of opacity typical of photoluminescent silk-screens printing), Vidurglass performs a double optional treatment depositing 2 shapes of a high opacity paint with glazed enamels free from heavy metals and the consequent shapes with photoluminescent enamel, obtaining an optimal quality both under high light conditions and no light conditions.

This new photoluminescent silk-screen printing completes undoubtedly the most complete marking glass catalog: 
  • Vitrified painting on glass in any existent colour in the market.
  • Laser marking on glass.
  • Braille labeling on glass.
  • Photographic reproduction on glass.
  • Heated silkscreen on glass.
Braille labeling on glass
Laser marking on glass

Vitrified painting on glass

Photographic reproduction on glass

Heated silkscreen on glass
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