lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

Glass solutions with added value for public transport

The current market situation in the sector of public transport requires from vehicle manufacturers a bigger effort to differentiate its products from competitors. Considering the difficulty of competing in today's economic environment, it becomes essential to offer something else than just a product that fulfills its function. The capability to differentiate may end up being the determining factor that helps bodybuilders to close sales contracts of vehicles.

The glazing is one of the major components of the outer skin of a vehicle, so it plays a main role in the aesthetics, efficiency, quality, safety and comfort in the vehicle. Vidurglass, as partner of vehicle manufacturers, is committed to this need for differentiation so we constantly put our efforts to develop new products. We can find several examples like:

PVB laminated glass with solar control
This tempered and laminated glas incorporates a PVB interlayer to absorb part of the heat energy while allowing the light passing through. With this product there is higher thermal comfort inside the vehicle, without depriving passengers of vision.
One possible application is the roof glazing of the vehicle, allowing vertical panoramic vision without compromising thermal comfort conditions for passengers.

Laminated glass with a switch that can change the glass state from transparent to opaque and vice versa by applying a small electrical current into the glass. This product provides immediate control of privacy with the advantages of comfort, space utilization, aesthetics, etc. This product can be applied for separation of environments in industries such as shipbuilding, aviation and rail (driver/passenger - class economy/business class), doors, etc.

Laminated glass with heated PVB
Laminated glass may incorporate a demisting electrical circuit into the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer with almost invisible filaments to avoid condensation on the glass surface and ensure the perfect visibility through the glass, and thus the comfort and safety.

The electrically heated glass is a suitable solution for any circumstance where humidity conditions exist in the air and where the temperature difference between inside and outside may cause the risk of condensation. 

Low-emissivity glass (Low-E)
Glass with a special coating that reduces heat gain or loss, reflecting the long-wave infrared rays (heat) and achieving a reduction in the U value. Thanks to its neutral appearance and excellent energy efficiency, the glass allows the light transmission while reducing the energy transmission therethrough. Depending on the project requirements, it should be determined the most suitable position of the low-E coating in the double glazed unit to achive the desired effect and the best performance.

Glass with interior lighting
New development in Vidurglass to incorporate LED light technology inside the air space of a double glazed unit to provide courtesy lighting during night trips. Thanks to LED technology it is possible to use light of different colours according to project specifications. 

As Europe's leader in glazing solutions, Vidurglass can add value to your vehicles with high-tech glass solutions. For further information please contact us at or by e-mail:

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