lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Braille alphabet implemented in surface glass

New trends based on aesthetics, increase the use of glass for industrial applications, thanks to the differentiation and customization possibilities that offers over other traditional elements like steel, wood, Perspex, plastic etc.
Thereby, intercoms, elevators, telephones and other electronic appliance change gradually their  for glass which offers better personalization.
Some of these electronic devices producers, in order to expand its potential market and offer more value to their products, include solutions to people with visual disabilities. There are three solutions to adapt electronic device to blind collective: audible, tactile and the combination of both.
Tactile solutions are based on Braille, which is a tactile writing system used by blind and visually impaired people. This system is an alphabet represented by small rectangular blocks that contain tiny palpable bumps. The number and arrangement of these blocks distinguish one character from another (letters, number, punctuation, etc.).
Usually in raw materials such wood, steel, plastic, perspex, etc.  you should degrade raw material or you have to use adhesive films to obtain these tactile solutions. R&D  Vidurglass department, has developed a technology that allows printing on the surface glass Braille alphabet, without the possibility to erase or remove. With this technology, appliance producers can adapt the increasing use of glass to the needs of the blind collective, without losing all aesthetic and safety characteristic that glass provides compared to other raw materials.
A practical example of this new technology has been made ​​recently by an audio/video intercom producer, designed completely in glass. This product has also a tactile Braille solution, which allows it’s sale in France in spite of their heavy legislation about adapted  products. We have achieved a vitrified paint glass of various colors and symbolism, which also have implemented Braille technology  that allows the use of the intercom devices for blind and visually impaired people.

Vidurglass develops an innovative system that ensures the most stringent regulations without affecting the other technical characteristics, aesthetic and decorative products for their customers.

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